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Designer Pet Homes!

We design and build homes for your pets with their comfort and personality in mind. Our insulated pet homes are uniquely made so that your pet is kept cool in hot and warm in cold weather. Our pet homes are light, durable and come with a range of options.

Pet Benefits

Our homes are different to your normal doghouse, cathouse or pet house. Some of the benefits of our homes include.

  • Our homes are insulated to keep your pets cool in summer and warm in winter
  • We are pet lovers! This is more than a business for us, it’s a labour of love.
  • We design and build homes to suit you and your pet’s personality and needs
  • Our homes are durable, light and easy to relocate/transport
  • We deliver anywhere in the world
  • Our homes are ecofriendly
  • We also build non-chewable doghouses
  • We can provide your home delivered in an easy-to-assemble flat-pack

Making a Pet Home

Our homes are handmade in Ireland. They are made by Pat Daly, a farmer and builder. Pat has worked with animals since childhood and has a great love for them. He has a number of pets himself. Pat also has years of experience building quality homes all over Ireland. A well built and comfortable dog house, cat house, bird house or other pet’s home will make it much easier to encourage your pet to live in it.

  • Design: Pat designs the home according to the spec provided by the client. This will take into account the type and size of the animal, the location of the house, the ‘personality’ of the pet, the owner’s home and any other requirements the owner may wish for.
  • Build: Our homes are built with care and patience. We use only the finest materials. As much as is possible, we use environmentally-friendly products.
  • Finish: Our experience in construction has given us an attention to detail that we proudly bring to all our homes. Our homes are finished to a highly detailed and individual standard.
  • Delivery: We deliver to anywhere in the world.


We’re very proud of our work and we know our products are great for you and your pet, but don’t take our for it. Read what some or
our other customers had to say.

Amazing Finish

We asked Pads for Paws to make a doghouse that would look well on the lawn beside our house. Little did we realise we could get a replica of our home. The finish on it is amazing.

Outstanding Workmanship

The quality of the workmanship on this home is outstanding. Not only does it look great but it is really strong and tough. Yet it’s easy to carry and move.

Just a Doghouse

Pads for Paws is the perfect home for my dog. I have no problem getting him to sleep there. It’s not just a doghouse, it’s his home. He loves it.

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Letting your holiday home is a great way of generating an extra income, but it can be time consuming and difficult to manage at a distance. That’s where we come in! Our fully managed service deals with all the marketing, bookings, cleaning and maintenance, and we’re always on hand if your guests need anything during their stay.

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